Philosophy of Mind



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When first published, John Heil’s introduction quickly became a widely used guide for students with little or no background in philosophy to central issues of philosophy of mind.? Heil provided an introduction free of formalisms, technical trappings, and specialized terminology.? He offered clear arguments and explanations, focusing on the ontological basis of mentality and its place in the material world.? The book concluded with a systematic discussion of questions the book raises–and a sketch of a unified metaphysics of mind–thus inviting scholarly attention while providing a book very well suited for an introductory course. This Third Edition builds on these strengths, and incorporates new material on theories of consciousness, computationalism, the language of thought, and animal minds as well as other emerging areas of research.? With an updated reading list at the end of each chapter and a revised bibliography, this new edition will again make it the indispensable primer for anyone seeking better understanding of the central metaphysical issues in philosophy of mind.?


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