Personnel Management in Government Agencies and Nonprofit Organizations



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The long-awaited new edition of this highly praised text now includes full coverage of policy issues and professional practice in nonprofit organizations, as well as at every level of government. It retains the characteristics that have made previous editions a success: an accessible writing style, and an abundance of practical exercises and real life case studies. In addition to full coverage of the increasingly important role of personnel management in nonprofit organizations, this new edition has been thoroughly updated with the latest in scholarship and research and includes timely material on succession planning, post 9-11 security concerns, increased reliance on volunteers, and the challenges and opportunities of outsourcing. Key Features: Includes coverage of issues relating to every level of government (state, local, and federal) as well as in nonprofit organizations. Examines the latest management theories (such as Total Quality Management) and current issues including disability, privatization, sexual harassment, and family and medical leave. The discussion is rooted in public policy issues, providing students with a better understanding of the actors involved and the broader context of personnel administration. The focus on the human resource issues is important to the work of all managers–not just personnel specialists. Abundant pedagogical tools, including learning objectives, summaries, and discussion questions, guide student understanding and foster critical thinking. Exercises and case studies throughout the book can be assigned for individual or group work, helping students apply public personnel management concepts to real world situations.


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