People in Crisis



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The first edition of People in Crisis, published in 1978, established success as a comprehensive and user-friendly text for health and social service professionals.ÿThe book and its following incarnations included critical life events and life cycle transition challenges, clearly pointing out the interconnections between such events, stressful developmental changes, and their potential for growth but also danger of suicide and/or violence toward others. This revised edition includes new case examples and expanded coverage of cross-cultural content, including ‘commonalities and differences’ in origins, manifestations, and crisis responses.ÿThe authorsÿillustrate the application of crisis concepts, assessment, and intervention strategies across a wide range of health and mental health settings, as well as at home, school, workplace, and in the community. Each chapter containsÿa closing summary that includes discussion questions, references, and online data sources for maximum application and learning.ÿ Updated chapters discuss new, research-based content on: ?ÿworkplace violence and abuse ?ÿyouth violence in schools and higher education settings ?ÿthe use of psychotropic drugs, including for very young children in the absence of comprehensive assessment ?ÿthe crisis vulnerability of war veterans and the hazards of ‘pathologizing’ what should be considered a ‘normal’ response to the repeated and catastrophic trauma of war ?ÿthe intersection of socio-political factors with individuals? psychological healing from catastrophic experiences such as war and natural disaster.


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