Agri-Business NQF2 Student’s eBook


Agri-Business NQF2 Student’s Book
Agri-Business NQF2 Student’s Book
M Mjonono, N Qeqe, M Shakwane
Macmillan South Africa
Macmillan South Africa



FET FIRST Agribusiness NQF Levels 2, 3 and 4 titles contain flow diagrams, tables and illustrations to explain concepts. The Lecturer’s Guides contain comprehensive answers and teaching and assessment guidelines. FET FIRST Agribusiness NQF Level 2 covers basic farm accounting and entrepreneurship. Accounting topics covered include stock-taking, storage, record-keeping, farm accounting and basic financial statements. Topics in entrepreneurship include capital and costs, marketing, factors affecting the suitability of agricultural enterprises, and general farm-level decision making.


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