“Basics of Engineering Turbulence” (9780128039700)


Basics of Engineering Turbulence
Basics of Engineering Turbulence
Ting, David
Academic Press
Elsevier S & T



<i> <p>Basics of Engineering Turbulence</i> introduces flow turbulence to engineers and engineering students who have a fluid dynamics background, but do not have advanced knowledge on the subject. It covers the basic characteristics of flow turbulence in terms of its many scales. The author uses a pedagogical approach to help readers better understand the fundamentals of turbulence scales, especially how they are derived through the order of magnitude analysis.</p> <p>This book is intended for those who have an interest in flowing fluids. It provides some background, though of limited scope, on everyday flow turbulence, especially in engineering applications. The book begins with the ‘basics’ of turbulence which is necessary for any reader being introduced to the subject, followed by several examples of turbulence in engineering applications. This overall approach gives readers all they need to grasp both the fundamentals of turbulence and its applications in practical instances. </p><br><br><ul><li>Focuses on the basics of turbulence for applications in engineering and industrial settings</li><li>Provides an understanding of concepts that are often challenging, such as energy distribution among the turbulent structures, the effective diffusivity, and the theory behind turbulence scales</li><li>Offers a user-friendly approach with clear-and-concise explanations and illustrations, as well as end-of-chapter problems</li></ul>


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