“Biscuit Baking Technology: Processing and Engineering Manual” (9780128042113)


Title: Biscuit Baking Technology: Processing and Engineering Manual
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Biscuit Baking Technology: Processing and Engineering Manual
Author: Davidson, Iain
First name: Iain
Last name: Davidson
Imprint: Academic Press
Owner:Elsevier S & T
Edition: 2


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Biscuit Baking Technology, Second Edition, is a reference book for senior managers and staff involved in industrial scale biscuit baking. It covers the biscuit industry process, ingredients, formulations, besides design, manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance of the baking ovens.

Written by an expert on the biscuit baking industry, the book is a complete manual guide that will help engineering, production and purchasing managers and staff in the biscuit industry to make the best decisions on oven efficiency purchasing.

  • Thoroughly explores the engineering of baking, details biscuit baking equipments, oven specifications, installation, operation and maintenance;
  • The second edition expands chapters 1 to 3, detailing basic biscuit process, product range, ingredients and process changes during baking. All the chapters have been reorganized and updated;
  • Provides details of best industry practice for safety, hygiene and maintenance of ovens;
  • Contains explanations of heat transfer and all the types of biscuit oven design with clear pictures and drawings;
  • Gathers all the information on how to select and specify an oven to be purchased for a particular range of biscuits.


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