Business Intelligence: The Savvy Manager’s Guide (9780123858894)


Title: Business Intelligence: The Savvy Manager’s Guide
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Business Intelligence: The Savvy Manager’s Guide
Author: Loshin, David
First name: David
Last name: Loshin
Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann
Owner:Elsevier S & T
Edition: 2
Page Count: 400
E-ISBN: 9780123858900
Print ISBN: 9780123858894

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Following the footsteps of the first edition, the second edition of Business Intelligence is a full overview of what comprises business intelligence. It is intended to provide an introduction to the concepts to uncomplicate the learning process when implementing a business intelligence program.

Over a relatively long lifetime (7 years), the current edition of book has received numerous accolades from across the industry for its straightforward introduction to both business and technical aspects of business intelligence.

As an author, David Loshin has a distinct ability to translate challenging topics into a framework that is easily digestible by managers, business analysts, and technologists alike. In addition, his material has developed a following (such as the recent Master Data Management book) among practitioners and key figures in the industry (both analysts and vendors) and that magnifies our ability to convey the value of this book.

  • Guides managers through developing, administering, or simply understanding business intelligence technology
  • Keeps pace with the changes in best practices, tools, methods and processes used to transform an organization’s data into actionable knowledge
  • Contains a handy, quick-reference to technologies and terminology.


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