China’s Financial Markets (9780080467672)


China’s Financial Markets
China’s Financial Markets
Salih N. Neftci
Academic Press
Elsevier S & T



China’s financial markets represent about $2 trillion and are expected to grow to about $10 trillion by 2008. As these markets continue to open to outside investment, a thorough understanding of how they operate will be essential for success. In this book, Salih Neftci, an expert in finance whose teaching and research span North America, Europe and Asia, and Michelle Menager-Xu, a Chinese finance professional currently working in Geneva, bring together an unprecedented collection of Chinese insiders who are experts in their respective industries. These experts provide a detailed description of the banking system, the money, equity, futures, FX, and bond markets, the insurance sector, the mortgage market and mortgage instruments, and the regulators. Readers will learn how each of these financial sectors operates, how the government, regulators, and the central bank are involved, each sector’s history, size and projected growth, an analysis of its current situation and discussion of future trends, the major players, and how the game is played. This is a must-read book for financial success in this emerging market.

  • Experts within China working in each sector provide detailed, completely up-to-date descriptions and analysis
  • Describes how the major regulators work and the key influence factors in each industry


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