Citation Tracking in Academic Libraries: An Overview” (9780081017593)


Title: Citation Tracking in Academic Libraries: An Overview
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Citation Tracking in Academic Libraries: An Overview
Author: Mavodza, Judith
First name: Judith
Last name: Mavodza
Imprint: Chandos Publishing
Owner:Elsevier S & T
E-ISBN: 9780081017623
Print ISBN: 9780081017593

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Citation Tracking in Academic Libraries: An Overview presents results from the overarching need for researchers to get advice relevant to their scholarly pursuits. This is even more critical in the current fast changing environment whereby even those who are established scholars find the new scholarly publishing paradigm hectic, and amateur ones easily get intimidated. In the wake of competitive rankings of universities, there is an added requirement for faculty to be involved with research activities so that they enhance the standing of their parent institutions. That means there is need to use valid and authentic platforms for publishing, and in many instances the help of the librarian as advisor about this is sought. Making reference to already existing texts as well as answering some questions that have been encountered by the author, the book is compiled to make easy, short, and concise reading that is an overview about the tracking of citations. Besides giving suggestions on how academic librarians can provide support to scholars, it includes the benefit of them being scholars too.

  • Explains the role of the academic library in citation tracking matters
  • Explains what the academic librarian does in the scholarly publishing arena
  • Articulates the role of a research agenda in giving direction to research activities
  • Provides reason to discuss the collaborative nature of library work and other offices of the university that support scholarly productivity


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