“Climate Change: Observed Impacts on Planet Earth” (9780444635242)


Climate Change: Observed Impacts on Planet Earth
Climate Change: Observed Impacts on Planet Earth
Letcher, Trevor M.
Elsevier (S&T)
Elsevier S & T


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<p>Earth’s climate is always changing. As the debate over the Earth’s climate has grown, the term “climate change” has come to refer primarily to changes we’ve seen over recent years and those that are predicted to be coming, mainly as a result of human behavior. <i>Climate Change: Observed Impacts on Planet Earth, Second Edition,</i> serves as a broad, accessible guide to the science behind this often political and heated debate by providing scientific detail and evidence in language that is clear to both the climatologist and the non-specialist.</p> <p>The book contains 35 chapters on all scientific aspects of climate change, written by the world’s authority of each particular subject. It collects the latest information on all of these topics in one volume. In this way, readers can make connections between the various topics covered in the book, leading to new ways of solving problems and looking at related issues. The book also contains major references and details for further research and understanding on all issues related to climate change, giving a clear indication of a looming crisis in global warming and climate change.</p><br><br><ul><li>Provides an up-to-date account of the current understanding of climate change and global warming</li><li>Includes 23 updated chapters and 12 new chapters</li><li>Includes coverage on modeling climate change, geological history of climate change, and on engineering aspects of climate change</li><li>Written by the world’s leading experts on the issues related to climate change</li></ul>


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