Commercial Law: Fresh Perspectives 2/E ePUB (9781775953623)


Commercial Law: Fresh Perspectives 2/E ePUB
Commercial Law: Fresh Perspectives 2/E ePUB
Govindjee, A; Holness, D; Shirk, A; Etsebeth, V; Horsten, D; Driver, S; Keep, H; Schoeman, H; Tait,
A, D, A, V, D, S, H, H, M, T, J, S, J, K
Govindjee, Holness, Shirk, Etsebeth, Horsten, Driv
Pearson South Africa
Pearson Education Southern Africa


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Commercial Law: Fresh Perspectives is a fully revised compilation based on Fresh Perspectives: Commercial Law 1 and Fresh Perspectives: Commercial Law 2. In its new combined format, it offers non-law students an ideal introduction to commercial law as it is taught in South African tertiary institutions. In a careful yet lively blend of theory and practice, it provides the student with a comprehensive knowledge of commercial law as required by the South African Institute of Professional Accountants. This eBook is a digital version of the printed book. Benefits of the ePUB format​ include:​ • The ability to view on a desktop computer, notebook or tablet; • As students adjust fonts, rotate and flip pages, content reflows to fit the device’s screen giving the user a more flexible experience; and • Students can take notes, highlight and bookmark, and access video and audio for visual learning.


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