“Core Concepts in Clinical Infectious Diseases (CCCID)” (9780128044230)


Core Concepts in Clinical Infectious Diseases (CCCID)
Core Concepts in Clinical Infectious Diseases (CCCID)
Franco-Paredes, Carlos
Academic Press
Elsevier S & T



<i> <p>Core Concepts in Clinical Infectious Diseases</i> (CCID) provides medical students and researchers, infectious disease fellows, and practicing clinicians with key clinical concepts in the differential diagnosis and workup of infectious diseases. With the use of tables, charts, and problem-oriented medical diagnosis, it will provide a way of organizing and thinking about commonly seen clinical presentations of infectious diseases. Instead of discussing each disease process or any particular infectious process, this book will assist clinicians in seeing the forest and not focusing on the leaf. </p> <p>Graphs and tables have been constructed over 14 years of taking notes, teaching clinical infectious diseases, and discussing real clinical cases. This book is not about acquiring the structure of infectious diseases that is presented in classic textbooks of infectious disease; instead, it is about refining the process of putting the pieces together in clinical thinking to achieve an accurate clinical diagnosis and thus improved patient care.</p><br><br><ul><li>Assists the reader in connecting the dots (process of accumulating real-time knowledge) during the thinking process of clinical decision-making in the area of infectious diseases</li><li>Uses tables and charts for easy understanding and application</li><li>Contains a manual style that targets different audiences, such as medical students, hospital medicine specialists, outpatient internal medicine practitioners, infectious disease fellows in training, and practicing clinicians</li><li>Provides an up-to-date discussion of core concepts in clinical infectious diseases</li></ul>


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