Critical Care Nursing (978-0-323-09178-7)


Critical Care Nursing
Critical Care Nursing
Linda Urden, Kathleen Stacy, Mary Lough
Linda, Kathleen, Mary
Urden, Stacy, Lough
Elsevier Health Sciences (US)


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Praised for its comprehensive coverage and clear organization, Critical Care Nursing: Diagnosis and Management, 7th Edition is the go-to critical care nursing text for both practicing nurses and nursing students preparing for clinicals. Nine sections highlight the alterations seen in critical care and make it easy to understand the unique challenges of critical care nursing. An abundance of learning tools such as Patient Safety Alerts, Evidence-Based Practice boxes, NIC interventions, case studies, Pharmacologic Management boxes, and more give you a better understanding of clinical practice and help you reference vital information quickly and easily. The e-book for this title includes links to the following online assets: Animations/Videos Critical Care Procedures from Mosby Skills Online Glossary Review Questions


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