Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry (9780120887552)


Title: Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry
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Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry
Author: House, James; House, Kathleen A.
First name: James
Last name: House
Imprint: Academic Press
Owner:Elsevier S & T
Edition: 2
Page Count: 592
E-ISBN: 9780080916774
Print ISBN: 9780120887552

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This book covers the synthesis, reactions, and properties of elements and inorganic compounds for courses in descriptive inorganic chemistry. It is suitable for the one-semester (ACS-recommended) course or as a supplement in general chemistry courses. Ideal for major and non-majors, the book incorporates rich graphs and diagrams to enhance the content and maximize learning.

  • Includes expanded coverage of chemical bonding and enhanced treatment of Buckminster Fullerenes
  • Incorporates new industrial applications matched to key topics in the text
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