“Dynamic Systems Biology Modeling and Simulation” (9780124104112)


Dynamic Systems Biology Modeling and Simulation
Dynamic Systems Biology Modeling and Simulation
DiStefano III, Joseph
DiStefano III
Academic Press
Elsevier S & T


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<i>Dynamic Systems Biology Modeling and Simuation </i>consolidates and unifies classical and contemporary multiscale methodologies for mathematical modeling and computer simulation of dynamic biological systems – from molecular/cellular, organ-system, on up to population levels.  The book pedagogy is developed as a well-annotated, systematic tutorial – with clearly spelled-out and unified nomenclature – derived from the author’s own modeling efforts, publications and teaching over half a century.  Ambiguities in some concepts and tools are clarified and others are rendered more accessible and practical.  The latter include novel qualitative theory and methodologies for recognizing dynamical signatures in data using structural (multicompartmental and network) models and graph theory; and analyzing structural and measurement (data) models for quantification feasibility.  The level is basic-to-intermediate, with much emphasis on biomodeling from real biodata, for use in real applications.<br><br><ul><li>Introductory coverage of core mathematical concepts such as linear and nonlinear differential and difference equations, Laplace transforms, linear algebra, probability, statistics and stochastics topics; PLUS …….</li><li>The pertinent biology, biochemistry, biophysics or pharmacology for modeling are provided, to support understanding the amalgam of “math modeling” with life sciences.</li><li>Strong emphasis on quantifying as well as building and analyzing biomodels: includes methodology and computational tools for parameter identifiability and sensitivity analysis; parameter estimation from real data; model distinguishability and simplification; and practical bioexperiment design and optimization.</li><li>Companion website provides solutions and program code for examples and exercises using Matlab, Simulink, VisSim, SimBiology, SAAMII, AMIGO, Copasi and SBML-coded models.</li></ul>


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