“Essentials of Botanical Extraction: Principles and Applications” (9780128023259)


Essentials of Botanical Extraction: Principles and Applications
Essentials of Botanical Extraction: Principles and Applications
Mandal, Subhash C.; Mandal, Vivekananda; Das, Anup Kumar
Academic Press
Elsevier S & T


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<p>Today most extracts obtained from botanicals are poorly characterized with unidentified active or inactive constituents, having stability related issues with erratic quality profile. In research leading to drug discovery from medicinal plants, extraction is one of the important steps as it is the starting point for the isolation and purification procedures. An imprudent selection of an extraction method can cause the entire extraction process to fall apart thus can jeopardize the entire objective of isolating a bioactive compound. A poorly prepared extract is sufficient enough to invalidate even the most powerful separation technique. In addition, the eco-friendly aspect of an extraction process should be taken into consideration with reference to less solvent and power consumption with a sole aim to exterminate the various perilous impacts on environmental and human health. Thus the development of a modern extraction strategy with significant advantages over conventional methods is the need of the hour. <i>Essentials of Botanical Extraction:</i> <i>Principles and Applications</i> provides a unique, single source of valuable information on the various methods available, from conventional techniques to the use of green and modern extraction technologies including ultrasounds, microwaves, pressurized liquids and supercritical fluids. The book explores the kinetics and mathematical hypothesis which underpin all extraction processes, as well as the significant technical advancements in both conventional and modern extraction techniques which have accelerated the sample preparation steps. Detailing the fundamentals and practical applications for botanical sample preparation and analysis, this work is a valuable resource for analytical chemists, pharmacognosists, medicinal chemists, and others working in R&D for pharmaceutical companies and academic settings, as well as graduate level students in these and related studies such as phytochemistry, ethnopharmacology, phytotherapy, botany, and medicinal plants.</p><br><br><ul><li>Reviews the history and current state of Natural Product drug discovery and development, highlighting successes and current issues</li><li>Explains the application of chemometric tools in extraction process designing and method development</li><li>Introduces process intensification as applied to the processing of medicinal plant extracts for rapid and cost-effective extraction</li></ul>


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