Financial Management and Leadership in Schools ePDF (9781775950585)


Financial Management and Leadership in Schools ePDF
Financial Management and Leadership in Schools ePDF
Botha, RJ (Ed.); Challens, BH; Du Plessis, P; Marishane, RN; Miller, PA, Steyn, HJ; Wolhuter, CC
RJ (Ed.), BH, P, RN, PA, HJ, CC
Botha (Ed.), Challens, Du Plessis, Marishane, Mill
Pearson South Africa
Pearson Education Southern Africa


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Effective school management and leadership require that a school’s human, physical and financial resources are managed in an integrated way to ensure sustainability. This book has been designed for those teachers and school managers whose contribution to the transformation of education hinges on effective school management and leadership. Anyone studying further in these fields should benefit as well. In this book, the authors take a strategic view of financial management and leadership by including policy, procurement, project management, asset management, budgeting and IT as the key functions in the management of an effective school. Policy and theory are made practical in the form of discussion points for further reflection and assessment. Case studies are provided in each chapter to ensure that the reader follows the principles set out in the book in a concrete and practical way. The case studies range from scenarios from well-resourced schools to no-fee schools to initiatives in Africa, where parents and decision makers have succeeded to align school resourcing with community needs. Drawing from their experience in both schooling and higher education, the authors provide insights into the importance of sound financial decision making in South African schools. This eBook is in ePDF format, which enables you to: • View the entire book offline on desktop or tablet; • Search for and highlight text; and • Add and edit personal notes directly in your eBook.


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