“Fundamentals of Air Pollution” (9780124017337)


Fundamentals of Air Pollution
Fundamentals of Air Pollution
Vallero, Daniel
Academic Press
Elsevier S & T



<p><i>Fundamentals of Air Pollution</i> is an important and widely used textbook in the environmental science and engineering community. This thoroughly revised fifth edition of <i>Fundamentals of Air Pollution</i> has been updated throughout and remains the most complete text available, offering a stronger systems perspective and more coverage of international issues relating to air pollution. Sections on pollution control have been reorganized and updated to demonstrate the move from regulation and control approaches to green and sustainable engineering approaches. </p> <p>The fifth edition maintains a strong interdisciplinary approach to the study of air pollution, covering such topics as chemistry, physics, meteorology, engineering, toxicology, policy, and regulation. New material includes near-road air pollution, new risk assessment approaches, indoor air quality, the impact of biofuels and fuel additives, mercury emissions, forecasting techniques, and the most recent results from the National Air Toxics Assessment.</p><br><br><ul><li>Stronger systems approach, emphasizing the impact of air pollution on ecosystems and human health</li><li>Risks, measures, models, and control of air pollution are discussed at scale – starting at the individual/niche level and expanding to planetary/global scale</li><li>Increased emphasis on international issues, including coverage of European initiatives and discussions of the impact of emerging economies like India and China</li><li>Updated references, standards, and methods throughout the book make this the most current air pollution text/reference on the market</li><li>All new end-of-chapter problems enhance its usefulness as a course text</li></ul>


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