Fundamentals of Applied Reservoir Engineering (9780081010198)


Fundamentals of Applied Reservoir Engineering
Fundamentals of Applied Reservoir Engineering
Richard Wheaton
Gulf Professional Publishing
Elsevier S & T


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Fundamentals of Applied Reservoir Engineering introduces early career reservoir engineers and those in other oil and gas disciplines to the fundamentals of reservoir engineering. Given that modern reservoir engineering is largely centered on numerical computer simulation and that reservoir engineers in the industry will likely spend much of their professional career building and running such simulators, the book aims to encourage the use of simulated models in an appropriate way and exercising good engineering judgment to start the process for any field by using all available methods, both modern simulators and simple numerical models, to gain an understanding of the basic ‘dynamics’ of the reservoir –namely what are the major factors that will determine its performance. With the valuable addition of questions and exercises, including online spreadsheets to utilize day-to-day application and bring together the basics of reservoir engineering, coupled with petroleum economics and appraisal and development optimization, Fundamentals of Applied Reservoir Engineering will be an invaluable reference to the industry professional who wishes to understand how reservoirs fundamentally work and to how a reservoir engineer starts the performance process.

  • Covers reservoir appraisal, economics, development planning, and optimization to assist reservoir engineers in their decision-making.
  • Provides appendices on enhanced oil recovery, gas well testing, basic fluid thermodynamics, and mathematical operators to enhance comprehension of the book’s main topics.
  • Offers online spreadsheets covering well test analysis, material balance, field aggregation and economic indicators to help today’s engineer apply reservoir concepts to practical field data applications.
  • Includes coverage on unconventional resources and heavy oil making it relevant for today’s worldwide reservoir activity.


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