“Handbook of Environmental and Sustainable Finance” (9780128036150)


Handbook of Environmental and Sustainable Finance
Handbook of Environmental and Sustainable Finance
Ramiah, Vikash; Gregoriou, Greg N.
Academic Press
Elsevier S & T



<p>The use of financial concepts and tools to shape development is hardly new, but their recent adoption by advocates of sustainable environmental management has created opportunities for innovation in business and regulatory groups. The <i>Handbook of Environmental and Sustainable Finance</i> summarizes the latest trends and attitudes in environmental finance, balancing empirical research with theory and applications. It captures the evolution of environmental finance from a niche scholarly field to a mainstream subdiscipline, and it provides glimpses of future directions for research. Covering implications from the Kyoto and Paris Protocols, it presents an intellectually cohesive examination of problems, opportunities, and metrics worldwide.</p><br><br><ul><li>Introduces the latest developments in environmental economics, sustainable accounting work, and environmental/sustainable finance</li><li>Explores the effects of environmental regulation on the economy and businesses</li><li>Emphasizes research about the trade-environmental regulation nexus, relevant for economics and business students</li></ul>


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