“Human Body Decomposition” (9780128036914)


Human Body Decomposition
Human Body Decomposition
Hayman, Jarvis; Oxenham, Marc
Academic Press
Elsevier S & T


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<p>The fate of the human body after death is a subject that has fascinated enquirers, both in the scientific and legal realms for millennia. However, objective research into the causes and nature of human decomposition has only taken place in the last two centuries and quantitative measurement of the process as a means of estimating the time of death has only recently been attempted. The substantial literature concerning this research has been published in numerous scientific journals since the beginning of the nineteenth century. <i>Human Body Decomposition</i> expands on the current literature to include the evolving research on estimating time of death. This volume details the process of decomposition to include early period after death when the body cools to ambient temperature, and when the body begins to putrefy. This process is significant because the estimation of the time of death becomes increasingly more difficult when the body begins to putrefy. </p> <i> <p>Human Body</i> <i>Decomposition</i> compiles a chronological account of research into the estimation of the time since death in human bodies found decomposed in order that researchers in the subject field can concentrate their thoughts and build on what has been achieved in the past. </p><br><br><ul><li>Provides concise details of research, over the last 200 years, of estimating the time of death in decomposed bodies.</li><li>Covers methods of research into human decomposition in the stages of body cooling to ambient temperature and the later stages of autolysis, putrefaction and skeletonisation.</li><li>Includes a detailed account of recent research and future concepts.</li><li>Concludes with an account of the difficulties which future research into human decomposition will encounter. </li></ul>


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