Interconnecting Smart Objects with IP: The Next Internet (9780123751652)


Interconnecting Smart Objects with IP: The Next Internet
Interconnecting Smart Objects with IP: The Next Internet
Vasseur, Jean-Philippe; Dunkels, Adam
Morgan Kaufmann
Elsevier S & T


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Smart object technology, sometimes called the Internet of Things, is having a profound impact on our day-to-day lives. Interconnecting Smart Objects with IP is the first book that takes a holistic approach to the revolutionary area of IP-based smart objects. Smart objects are the intersection of networked embedded systems, wireless sensor networks, ubiquitous and pervasive computing, mobile telephony and telemetry, and mobile computer networking. This book consists of three parts, Part I focuses on the architecture of smart objects networking, Part II covers the hardware, software, and protocols for smart objects, and Part III provides case studies on how and where smart objects are being used today and in the future. The book covers the fundamentals of IP communication for smart objects, IPv6, and web services, as well as several newly specified low-power IP standards such as the IETF 6LoWPAN adaptation layer and the RPL routing protocol. This book contains essential information not only for the technical reader but also for policy makers and decision makers in the area of smart objects both for private IP networks and the Internet.

  • Shows in detail how connecting smart objects impacts our lives with practical implementation examples and case studies
  • Provides an in depth understanding of the technological and architectural aspects underlying smart objects technology
  • Offers an in-depth examination of relevant IP protocols to build large scale smart object networks in support of a myriad of new services


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