Introductory Econometrics: EMEA Adaptation 1st Edition EBOOK (9781473707948) ePdf


Introductory Econometrics: EMEA Adaptation
Introductory Econometrics: EMEA Adaptation
Jeffrey M. Wooldridge
Cengage Learning EMEA
Cengage Learning EMEA



This title has been adapted for use in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and has been tailored to meet the demands of today’s lecturers and students. Jeffrey M. Wooldridge’s Introduction to Econometrics shows how econometrics is a useful tool for answering questions in business, policy evaluation and forecasting environments. Packed with timely, relevant applications, the text incorporates close to 100 intriguing data sets, available in six formats, with appendices and questions available online. Unique organization pioneered by the author clearly presents applications for today’s students. This comprehensive econometrics text pioneered the approach of explicitly covering cross-sectional applications first, followed by time series applications, and, ultimately, panel data applications in the advanced chapters. Practical application prepares students to use econometrics in business today. This unique, comprehensive text applies econometrics to actual real business problems, demonstrating how each method answers a particular issue facing researchers who are analyzing non-experimental data.


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