“Laboratory Animal Medicine” (9780124095274)


Laboratory Animal Medicine
Laboratory Animal Medicine
Anderson, Lynn C.; Otto, Glen; Pritchett-Corning, Kathleen R.; Whary, Mark T.; Fox, James G.
Academic Press
Elsevier S & T



<i> <p>Laboratory Animal Medicine, Third Edition,</i> is a fully revised publication from the American College of Laboratory Medicine’s acclaimed blue book series. It presents an up-to-date volume that offers the most thorough coverage of the biology, health, and care of laboratory animals.</p> <p>The book is organized by species, with new inclusions of chinchillas, birds, and program and employee management, and is written and edited by known experts in the fields.</p> <p>Users will find gold-standard guidance on the study of laboratory animal science, as well as valuable information that applies across all of the biological and biomedical sciences that work with animals.</p><br><br><ul><li>Organized by species for in-depth understanding of biology, health, and best care of animals</li><li>Features the inclusion of chinchillas, quail, and zebra finches as animal models</li><li>Offers guidance on program and employee management</li><li>Covers regulations, policies, and laws for laboratory animal management worldwide</li></ul>


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