Making Inclusive Education Work in Classrooms ePDF” (9781775956365)


Making Inclusive Education Work in Classrooms ePDF
Making Inclusive Education Work in Classrooms ePDF
Pienaar, CF (Ed.); Raymond, EB (Ed.)
Pienaar, Raymond
Pearson South Africa
Pearson Education Southern Africa


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In schools, not only the best team wins. Instead, schools are places of diversity and possibility, where winners are created and all children are supported to achieve their learning potential. In this book, the authors set out describing their view of inclusive education in today’s South African classrooms as a system where every child finds a place to learn effectively in spite of their diverse educational needs. These diversities include abilities, ethnicities, religions, languages, gender, socio-economics, health issues, family structures and learning styles. Drawing on the theoretical foundations of inclusive practice, asset-based instruction and universal design for learning, readers are encouraged to consider the many ways in which learners differ in their needs and their strengths. In addition, the authors explore the ways in which appropriate learning and personal support can make a difference in a child’s learning and future outcomes. Readers are supported in the following ways throughout the book: • Classroom vignettes and case studies give readers a feel for what will be encountered and can be achieved in classrooms; • Pedagogic elements include chapter overviews, big picture summaries, guides to web resources and questions to think about; • Additional information, web links and other resources are provided by means of QR codes that can be accessed through smartphones, tablets or through the web; and • Access to the Pearson Study on the Go mobile platform, with flashcards and other resources for students on the go. With this book, the aim is to help current teachers, teachers-in-training, parents and community members understand more fully the possibilities of inclusive education. The author team of South African scholars from a range of institutions has been supported by the international expert on inclusive education, Eileen B Raymond. This eBook is in ePDF format, which enables you to: • View the entire book offline on desktop or tablet; • Search for and highlight text; and • Add and edit personal notes directly in your eBook.


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