“Object -oriented Programming with Smalltalk” (9781785480164)


Title: Object -oriented Programming with Smalltalk
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Object -oriented Programming with Smalltalk
Author: Harald Wertz
First name: Harald
Last name: Wertz
Imprint: ISTE Press – Elsevier
Owner:Elsevier S & T
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Object oriented programming is a way of thinking about problems. Smalltalk is one of the purest incarnations of an object-oriented programming language. Using a pedagogical approach, this book covers all aspects of object oriented programming: first through the study of various preexisting Smalltalk classes, their implementation and use; then through a detailed description of an implementation of an interactive Lindenmayer system and through implementation of a series of calculators.

The author addresses such subjects as graphics programming, dependency mechanisms and hierarchical specialization.

This book fills the gap for an in-depth self-study reference, permitting the reader to master all aspects of object-oriented programming through a large set of exercises with highly detailed resources.

  • Downloadable software content for practice applications
  • Covers all aspects of Smalltalk: theconcepts of primitive objects, classes and instances, static and dynamic inheritance and methods, as well as graphical programming, the dependency mechanisms and the handling of exceptions
  • Features in-depth studies of two programming projects and annotated solutions to all exercies and appendices


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