Performance Management in Nonprofit Organizations



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With increased competition for external funding, technological advancement, and public expectations for transparency, not-for-profit and non-governmental organizations are facing new challenges and pressures. While research has explored the roles of accounting, accountability, and performance management in nonprofit organizations, we still lack evidence on the best practices these organizations implement in the areas of accountability and performance management. This book collects and presents that evidence for the first time, offering insights to help nonprofits face these new challenges head-on. Performance Management in Nonprofit Organizations focuses on both conventional and contemporary issues facing nonprofits, presenting evidence-based insights from leading scholars in the field. Chaptersÿexamine the design, implementation, and working of accounting, accountability, governance, and performance management measures, providing both retrospective and contemporary views, as well as critical commentaries on accounting and performance related issuesÿinÿnonprofit organizationsÿThe book’s contributors also offer critical commentariesÿon the changing role of accounting and performance management in this sector. This research-based collection is an interesting and useful read for academics, practitioners, students, and consultants in nonprofit organizations, and is highly accessible to accounting and non-accounting audiences alike.


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