Performance Pay for Teachers



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The first widespread incentive pay scheme was initiated in UK schools in 2000. This book is the result of monitoring the whole process from its inception. The authors visited schools, observed lessons, and solicited the views and experiences of a largeÿcollection of teachers and headteachers.ÿTheir discoveriesÿare presented in this lively book. They include the views of teachers who were successful in crossing the threshold, those who weren’t and those who chose not to apply, and headteachers who had to make the decisions. The book focuses on the following schemes: * headteachers’ experiences of training * the outcomes in their own school * their relationship with external assessors * their hopes and fears for the future * their assessment of the influence on classroom practice * what did teachers change and not change in their teaching as a result of performance management * what means they employed to further their own professional development. This timely book is a useful resource for anyone involved in education, whether it be a classroom teacher, headteacher, administrator or policy-maker.


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