Personal Construct Perspectives on Forensic Psychology



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Why do people commit violent offences? Does rehabilitation really work? Personal Construct Perspectives on Forensic Psychology provides a new approach to the three main areas of application of forensic psychology; rehabilitation of offenders, work with police, and research and consultation on legal issues and processes. Challenging the mainstream approach to viewing offenders, this book emphasizes responsibility for life choices, and eschews the biomedical view of people. Practising psychologists share their perspectives and illustrate their discussion with case studies and personal research. Reviewing relevant literature in many substantive areas including violent, sexual, and mentally disordered offenders, working with police stress, and treating offenders in prison, these outstanding authors make a strong argument from a personal construct perspective. In an area of increasing interest Personal Construct Perspectives on Forensic Psychology provides a solid background for further growth. Forensic practitioners, theorists and researchers alike will all benefit from the books many insights and clinical tips.


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