Personnel Administration in an Automated Environment



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Here is what the experts have to say about the effects of computer applications on selected facets of personnel administration in libraries. Senior library managers, systems librarians, and library educators with a special interest in automation analyze the changes in the workplace that have already occurred and discuss those that will confront library professionals in the future. Personnel Administration in an Automated Environment covers the latest issues and research on the topic. Among the subjects dealt with are education and compensation of automation librarians, the nature of jobs in an automated library, the opportunities for innovation and change in technical library jobs, new personnel issues as a result of automating users?services, changing staff requirements in mid-sized academic libraries, the intersection of library and computer center tasks, and the impact of computerization on job satisfaction and performance evaluation. Administrators, personnel officers, and department heads in mid-sized to large libraries with computer-based operations will find both research-based results and reasonable speculation on everyday problems. A bibliography of the most recent books and articles will be useful to scholars of the subject.


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