Philosophical Experiments and Observations



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Shortly after Hooke died in 1703, his miscellaneous papers and unpublished manuscripts were entrusted to Richard Waller, who edited and published some of them in a volume titled The Posthumous Works of Robert Hooke (1705; reprinted, Frank Cass, 1968). Waller himself died, however, before he was able to complete the task of republishing Hooke?s papers and they were eventually handed on to William Derham. After delaying for what some of Hooke?s followers thought to be a scandalously long time, Derham finally published this volume in 1726. It contains numerous papers and notes by Hooke as well as a number of important papers and letters written by Hooke?s contemporaries and found, evidently, among Hooke?s literary remains. This is an exact facsimile reproduction of Derham?s edition of the Philosophical experiments and Observations of the late Eminent Dr. Rober Hooke (1726) except that an analytical table of contents, prepared by the General Editor, has been added. First Published in 1967. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.


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