“Postharvest Handling: A Systems Approach” (9780126399905)


Title: Postharvest Handling: A Systems Approach
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Postharvest Handling: A Systems Approach
Author: Shewfelt, Robert L.; Prussia, Stanley E.
First name: Robert
Last name: Shewfelt
Imprint: Academic Press
Owner:Elsevier S & T
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Postharvest Handling: A Systems Approach introduces a new concept in the handling of fresh fruits and vegetable. Traditional treatments have been either physiologically based with an emphasis on biological tissue or technologically based with an emphasis on storage and handling. This book integrates all processes from production practices through consumer consumption with an emphasis on understanding market forces and providing fresh product that meets consumer expectations. Postharvest physiologists and technologists across the disciplines of agricultural economics, agricultural engineering, food science and horticulture along with handlers of minially-processed products within the fresh produce fruit and vegetable processing industries will find this to be an invaluable source of information.


* Uses a systems approach that provides a unique perspective on the handling of fresh fruits and vegetables

* Designed with the applied perspective to complement the more basic perspectives provided in other treatments

* Provides the integrated, interdisciplinary perspective needed in research to improve the quality of fresh and minimally processed products

* Emphasizes that the design of handling systems should be market-driven rather than concentrating on narrow specifics


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