Project Management: A behavioural perspective (9781775956570)


Project Management: A behavioural perspective
Project Management: A behavioural perspective
Du Plessis, Barkhuizen, Barry, de Klerk, Derman, Heunis, Gcabo, Greef, Jay, Roelofse, Slippers
Du Plessis
Pearson Holdings Southern Africa
Pearson Education Southern Africa


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Project Management: A Behavioural Perspective is a book of inquiry and discovery, and offers a unique approach to project management. Unlike many other publications, it focuses on the human element or, more specifically, the behavioural aspects of project management including emotional intelligence, organisational energy, stress and conflict management, power and political behaviour and managing a project as a change process.

This work will provide students, practitioners, managers and researchers with some fascinating insights into the living world of project management and demonstrate how a complex web of human interactions leads to the success or failure of projects.

Project Management: A Behavioural Perspective is written from an open-systems point of view. Many project managers are well trained and educated in the principles and practices of project management methodology, but are not always equipped to deal with the behaviour of individual project stakeholders and the project team. This work focuses on how to identify what underlies people’s actions to ensure appropriate behaviour and sustainable project delivery.

Each chapter is based on current literature and thinking, and blends theory and practice with case studies and practical insights. As a cohesive whole, this text demonstrates how people make a project successful but also what may cause it to fail.

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