“Psychology and Geriatrics: Integrated Care for an Aging Population” (9780124201231


Psychology and Geriatrics: Integrated Care for an Aging Population
Psychology and Geriatrics: Integrated Care for an Aging Population
Bensadon, Benjamin A.
Academic Press
Elsevier S & T


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<p>This reference brings together psychological perspectives and medical approaches among professionals in research, educational, and clinical capacities to demonstrate the value of incorporating psychological knowledge and insight into medical training and care of geriatric patients. With a multidisciplinary panel of expert authors, this unprecedented book includes direct physician-psychologist communication, a model, itself, for integrated healthcare. Contributors will include leading doctors of psychology with proven expertise in elder care, a medical school curricula and evaluation authority, medical professionals with expertise in patient-physician communication, including related assessment tool development, implementation, and evaluation, and leading geriatrician clinician educators.</p> <p><i>Psychology and Geriatrics </i>outlines a two-step path to integration: a) physicians become more sensitized and equipped with necessary psychological insight to effectively address psychological aspects of health, and b) collaborative efforts expand to include consultations with qualified psychologists to manage specific, non-biomedical, behavioral aspects of care.</p><br><br><ul><li>Illustrates where and how psychologists can assume a more integrated role in addressing the healthcare needs of an older and more discerning patient population</li><li>Addresses decades-long barriers to integration, from both physician and psychologist perspectives, suggesting how they may finally be overcome and why the time is now</li><li>Provides a direct response to medical education’s added attention to psychological, behavioral, and social sciences</li></ul>


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