Public Relations a South African Perspective (9781775954651)


Public Relations a South African Perspective
Public Relations a South African Perspective
Ronél Rensburg, Michael Cant, Ilse Niemann-Struweg, Elizabeth Ferreira, René Benecke, Clarissa Muir,
Ronél, Michael, Ilse , Ferreira, Benecke,Muir,Mein
Rensburg, Cant, Niemann-Struweg, Ferreira, Benecke
Pearson Holdings South Africa
Pearson Education Southern Africa


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Public Relations: African Perspectives is a revised edition of Public Relations: South African Perspectives, which was published in 2003. As the world becomes more connected, so do all the countries on the African continent. The editors decided to broaden the scope of this revised edition, departing now from an African perspective. We trust that our readers – scholars, students and practitioners alike – will find fresh and novel ideas in this edition. Readers of the first edition might recognise some of the original contributors. There are, however, a number of new authors. In this edition the concept of public relations is revisited from an African perspective, while being mindful of recent and contemporary global trends. Africa is – after all – an essential part of the world.


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