“Service Science and the Information Professional” (9781843346494)


Title: Service Science and the Information Professional
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Service Science and the Information Professional
Author: de Grandbois, Yvonne
First name: Yvonne
Last name: de Grandbois
Imprint: Chandos Publishing
Owner:Elsevier S & T
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As we transition to a service and information-based economy, information specialists are projected onto the leading edge of an emerging science. Service Science and theInformation Professional demonstrates how the power of this new transdisciplinary field can inform and transform the current information professional world. Service Science is about people, technology, information, and organizations. Service Science can be of great benefit to Information Centres everywhere, and Information Service outlets can be a tremendous field of research for this new science. iSchools and Schools of Information Studies can join Computer Science, Engineering and Business Schools in receiving research grants for the development of Service Science. Information professionals need to know this new discipline and be inspired to participate in it.


  • Describes service science and its increasing relevance as a discipline
  • Provides relevant information to those pursuing interests in Information science, Information literacy, service science, and information management
  • illustrates that the transition to a service and information-based economy will require libraries to deal with both information and services
  • Explains why information professionals need to know more about this emerging field
  • Shows the value of research, and the importance of participating in this field