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The Peer Power Program is a peer training program designed for middle, high school, and higher education students, focusing on 8 core skills: Attending, Empathizing, Summarizing, Questioning, Genuineness, Assertiveness, Confrontation, and Problem Solving. Through a series of exercises, games, and self-awareness techniques, youth and adults involved in the program can gain the basic communication and mediation skills necessary to effectively help their peers. An overview of peer helping, Peer Programs explains the value of and techniques for helping non-professionals learn to help others one-on-one, in small groups and in groups of classroom size. Intended to be of use to those responsible for planning, implementing and/or administering peer programs, this text should also convince those who are notÿdirectly involved that peer helping is a worthwhile undertakingÿ? reducing drug and alcohol abuse, dropouts, violence and conflict, HIV and AIDS, pregnancy, stress and negative peer pressure.ÿNew features of thisÿedition include: updated rationale for peer programs updated highlights from current evaluation added professionalism- CPPE. Certified Program, Programmatic Standards, Rubric and others CD of forms to customize for all phases of the Peer Program step-by-step guide of new and current programs This book is an indispensableÿguide for learning important aspects of training peer helpers and as a resource book for a wide range of professional peer helpers, such as: administrators; managers; teachers; counselors; ministers; religious educators; social workers; psychologists; human resource personnel and others in the helping professions.


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