Global and Southern African Perspectives: Macroeconomics (9781775956419) ePdf


Global and Southern African Perspectives: Macroeconomics
Global and Southern African Perspectives: Macroeconomics
Blanchard, O., Johnson, D., Akoto, W.,Alsemgeest., Bhoola, F., Biyase, M., Dikgang, J., Essop, H., M
Oliver, David, William, Liezel, Mduduzi, Johane, H
Blanchard, Johnson., Akoto,Alsemgeest, Bhoola, Biy
Pearson Holdings South Africa
Pearson Education Southern Africa


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Macroeconomics: Global and Southern African Perspectives is an adaptation of Macroeconomics 6th edition by Oliver Blanchard and David Johnson. It aims to contextualise content for South African students by integrating relevant examples, terminology, case studies and data and to provide a current view of the SA economy as it relates to macroeconomic theory. This edition maintains the characteristic features of the US edition in a simple, two-colour design. Most of the contributors on the South African edition have used the US version in their teaching for many years and cite the organisation of material, the meaningful integration of mathematics and the solid theory as key reasons for their continued use of the book. As a result, this edition follows the organisation of the US edition, with one addition: Chapter 8 integrates content on inflation, activity and nominal money growth from the 5th edition of Macroeconomics.


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