Integrative Plant Anatomy (9780122151705)


Title: Integrative Plant Anatomy
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Integrative Plant Anatomy
Author: Dickison, William C.
First name: William
Last name: Dickison
Imprint: Academic Press
Owner:Elsevier S & T
E-ISBN: 9780080508917
Print ISBN: 9780122151705

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From this modern and profusely illustrated book, the reader will learn not just the basics, which are amply reviewed, but also how plant anatomy is integrated with a wide variety of other disciplines, such as plant breeding, forensic analysis, medicine, food science, wood and fiber products, and the arts. The author presents the basic concepts and terminology of plant anatomy with a special emphasis on its significance and applications to other disciplines, and addresses the central role of anatomy by consolidating previously scattered information into a single volume. Integrative Plant Anatomy highlights the important contribution made by studying anatomy to the solutions of a number of present and future problems. It succeeds in integrating diverse areas of botany, as well as the non-biological sciences, the arts, and numerous other fields of human endeavor.

* Presents both the classical and modern approaches to the subject
* Teaches the importance of the subject to other disciplines such as the nonbiological sciences, the arts, and other fields of human endeavor
* Written and organized to be useful to students and instructors, but also to be accessible and appealing to a general audience
* Bridges the gap between conventional textbooks and comprehensive reference works
* Includes key terms and extensive additional readings
* Richly illustrated with line drawings and photographs


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