“Intelligent Textiles and Clothing” (9781845690052)


Intelligent Textiles and Clothing
Intelligent Textiles and Clothing
Mattila, H
Woodhead Publishing
Elsevier S & T


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The use of intelligent textiles in clothing is an exciting new field with wide-ranging applications. Intelligent textiles and clothing summarises some of the main types of intelligent textiles and their uses.<br><br>Part one of the book reviews phase change materials (PCM), their role in such areas as thermal regulation and ways they can be integrated into outdoor and other types of clothing. The second part of the book discusses shape memory materials (SMM) and their applications in medical textiles, clothing and composite materials. Part three deals with chromic (colour change) and conductive materials and their use in such areas as sensors within clothing. The final part of the book looks at current and potential applications, including work wear and medical applications.<br><br>With its distinguished editor and international team of contributors, Intelligent textiles and clothing is an essential guide for textile manufacturers in such areas as specialist clothing (for example, protective, sports and outdoor clothing) as well as medical textiles.<br><br><ul><li>Summarises the main types of intelligent textiles and their uses</li><li>Reviews phase change materials and their role in clothing</li><li>Discusses shape memory materials and their applications</li></ul>


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