“Introduction to Digital Systems” (9780750645836)


Introduction to Digital Systems
Introduction to Digital Systems
Crisp, John
Elsevier S & T



This book introduces digital electronics from first principles and goes on to cover all the main areas of knowledge and expertise needed by students up to first year degree level, as well as technicians and other professionals. <br><br>Unlike most texts, Introduction to Digital Systems also covers the practicalities of designing and building circuits, including fault-finding and use of test equipment. Students will find the text ideally matched for courses covering electronics, systems and control, and electronic servicing.<br><br><br> Whether you are looking for a complete self-study course in digital electronics, a concise reference text to dip into or a course text that is readable and straightforward, John Crisp has provided the solution.<br><br><br>A concise, readable introductory text ideal for self-study by professionals or students on courses with limited contact time.<br>Covers the practical side from a technician/professional viewpoint.<br>Content carefully matched to a range of BTEC and C&G syllabuses.


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