“Introduction to International Disaster Management” (9780128014776)


Introduction to International Disaster Management
Introduction to International Disaster Management
Coppola, Damon P.
Elsevier Butterworth Heinemann
Elsevier S & T



<p><i>Introduction to International Disaster Management, Third Edition</i>, continues to serve as the leading comprehensive overview of global emergency management. This edition provides practitioners and students alike with a comprehensive understanding of the disaster management profession by utilizing a global perspective and including the different sources of risk and vulnerability, the systems that exist to manage hazard risk, and the many different stakeholders involved. </p> <p>This update examines the impact of many recent large-scale and catastrophic disaster events on countries and communities, as well as their influence on disaster risk reduction efforts worldwide. It also expands coverage of small-island developing states (SIDS) and explores the achievements of the United Nations Hyogo Framework for Action (2005–2015) and the priorities for action in the Post-2015 Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction currently under development. This useful, relevant text includes many changes that have occurred since the last edition for a better understanding of the rapidly advancing field of international disaster management.</p><br><br><ul><li>Includes updated perspectives on recent events that have shaped the direction emergency management is taking today</li><li>Examines outcomes of the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) decade, such as insight into how disaster risk reduction has advanced globally, and how it differs among countries and regions</li><li>Updated statistics on disaster frequency and impact provide a better understanding about how and why risk and vulnerability are changing</li><li>Presents information on multilateral emergency management agreements as well as profiles of important NGOs and international organizations</li><li>Key terms and summaries are provided at the beginning of each chapter to ease student comprehension</li></ul>


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