“Multilingual Information Management: Information, Technology and Translators” (9781843347712


Title: Multilingual Information Management: Information, Technology and Translators
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Multilingual Information Management: Information, Technology and Translators
Author: Granell, Ximo
First name: Ximo
Last name: Granell
Imprint: Chandos Publishing
Owner:Elsevier S & T
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Multilingual information is in high demand in today’s globalised economy. Industry and market globalisation, intensified collaboration between European countries, technological developments, the advent and consolidation of the Internet, the rise of electronic business, and the increased use of electronic documents are some of the factors that have fuelled this need. Multilingual Information Management draws on previous empirical research to explore how information and technologies are used within the community of translators as information facilitators among different languages and cultures, to help them become more productive and competitive in today’s market. The book consists of three parts, including a literature review on information and technology needs among translators; a research framework to investigate the perceptions and use of information and technology within their working environment; and a strategic proposal for an Information Systems approach to multilingual information professionals and information literacy training.

  • Presents an interdisciplinary approach to multilingual information and technology management among information professionals
  • Analyses the community of practice of translators as multilingual information facilitators and ICT users
  • Contributes to further develop Information Literacy to a strategic level among information professionals
  • Provides a methodological contribution through an evidence-based approach to practice
  • Bridges the gap between the information-related disciplines of Information Science, Business Management, and Translation Studies


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