Personal Problems of Conduct and Religion



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Originally published in 1932, Professor McKenzie, author of ?Souls in the Making?, had been deeply interested for years in helping those afflicted with nervous troubles, moral conflicts, or religious doubts. Each chapter of this book deals with some concrete problem which he had actually faced with one of his patients. He was convinced that many of the severer forms of neuroticism could be prevented if treated with understanding, and that many a parent could have been saved from making a fatal mistake in coping with a ?difficult? child, if they had only been taught to deal with such. The practical character of this book can best be judged by a glance at a few of the topics discussed: ?An Adolescent Problem?, ?The Problem of Growing Up?, ?The Troubles of Old Age?, ?Psychology of Sleeplessness?, ?The Delinquent Child?, ?Our Regrets and Our Fears?, ?Psychology of Faith?.


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