Philosophy for A2: Unit 4



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Philosophy for A2: Unit 4 is the definitive textbook for students of theÿcurrent AQA Advanced Level syllabus for philosophy. Structured very closely around the AQA specifications for Unit 4: Philosophical Problems, Michael Lacewing helps students to engage with and understand the arguments of the five key texts: Hume’s An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding Plato’s The Republic Mill’s On Liberty Descartes’ Meditations Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil. All chapters are helpfully subdivided into short digestible passages, and include: quiz questions to test core knowledge discussion questions to deepen understanding ‘going further’ sections for advanced study text boxes highlighting key definitions and arguments cross-references to help students make connections. In addition, a chapter on exam preparation contains a wealth of helpful hints and tips on revision and exam techniques. Written by an experienced philosopher and A Level consultant, Philosophy for A2: Unit 4 is an essential companion for all students of A2 Level philosophy.


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