“Plant and Process Engineering 360” (9781856178402)


Plant and Process Engineering 360
Plant and Process Engineering 360
Tooley, Mike
Elsevier Butterworth Heinemann
Elsevier S & T



<p><i>Plant and Process Engineering 360</i> will be the backbone of any plant, chemical, or process engineer’s library. This is a broad area in which engineers need to be familiar with a wide array of techniques, technologies and equipment. Its focus on providing a broad introduction to key systems make the book the first point of reference for engineers who are involved with designing, specifying, maintaining or working with plant, process and control technologies in many sectors, including manufacturing, chemical process, and energy. </p><br><br><ul><li>A single-source of plant and process equipment information for engineers, providing a 360 degree view of the critical equipment engineers encounter</li><li>Enables readers to get up to speed with unfamiliar topics quickly with an overview of important but disparate technologies that are specific to plant engineering </li><li>Covers the systems and processes that drive effective and efficient plants and processes</li><li>Drawn from authoritative Elsevier resources, this book is a ‘first port of call’ with breadth and depth of content, from leading figures in the field.</li></ul>


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