“Principles and Applications of Radiological Physics” (9780702043093)


Principles and Applications of Radiological Physics
Principles and Applications of Radiological Physics
Donald Graham
Elsevier Health Sciences
Elsevier Health Sciences (US)


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Principles and Application of Radiological Physics 6th Edition provides comprehensive and easy-to-follow coverage of the principles and application of physics for both diagnostic and therapeutic radiography students. Regardless of changes in technology and clinical grading, the most important role of the radiographer remains unchanged – ensuring the production of high quality images and optimal treatment. These should be performed with the minimum of radiation hazard to patients, staff and others. An understanding of physics and the basics of radiographic technology is essential to do this effectively. The book covers all the physics and mathematics required by undergraduate diagnostic and therapeutic radiography students, catering for those who do not have a mathematics qualification as well as for those who do. .. NEW TO THIS EDITION: .. A focus upon application of physics to reflect current teaching approaches.. Completely revised structure, leading from science principles to applications.. New chapters on CT, MRI, ultrasound, PET, RNI, mammography and digital imaging.


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