Project Management for Information Professionals” (9780081001271)


Project Management for Information Professionals
Project Management for Information Professionals
Note, Margot
Chandos Publishing
Elsevier S & T



Aimed at practitioners, this handbook imparts guidance on project management techniques in the cultural heritage sector. Information professionals often direct complex endeavors with limited project management training or resources. Project Management for Information Professionals demystifies the tools and processes essential to successful project management and advises on how to manage the interpersonal dynamics and organizational culture that influence the effectiveness of these methods. With this book, readers will gain the knowledge to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, and close projects.

  • offers guidance based on real-world experience
  • prepares readers without prior project management knowledge or experience
  • provides lean, easy-to-read, and jargon-free instructions
  • aimed at information professionals working in libraries, archives, museums


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