The Copyright Librarian: A Practical Handbook (9780081001721)


The Copyright Librarian: A Practical Handbook
Copyright Librarian: A Practical Handbook
Frederiksen, Linda
Chandos Publishing
Elsevier S & T

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Within most libraries in the United States today there is an information professional who has become the ‘go-to’ person for grasping and grappling with copyright questions. While not an attorney, this librarian has developed an awareness and understanding of copyright law, legislation and practice as they relate to a wide variety of library activities.

This practical handbook provides a broad overview of copyright librarianship. It is written for information professionals whose area of expertise, specialization or job it is to inform and educate others about the ethical use and best practices surrounding copyrighted materials It is written about the person with solid analytical skills and the ability to adapt and adjust in a rapidly changing environment; someone who can serve as an intermediary between information producers and consumers; someone who is knowledgeable about the law and providing access to information; someone who is well positioned within an organization to answer questions about copyright and provide reliable, accurate, and relevant answers, information, assistance, and guidance when needed. In short: a copyright librarian.

  • Thorough and up-to-date look at an emerging field of specialization within libraries

  • Provides an overview of job opportunities available and how to prepare for these jobs

  • Presents a range of useful current awareness and professional development resources and tools for the new, prospective, and working professional

  • Addresses common misperceptions about copyright librarians


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