“Education for Innovation and Independent Learning” (9780128008478)


Title: Education for Innovation and Independent Learning
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Education for Innovation and Independent Learning
Author: Mota, Ronaldo; Scott, David
First name: Ronaldo
Last name: Mota
Imprint: Elsevier (S&T)
Owner:Elsevier S & T
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E-ISBN: 9780128009918
Print ISBN: 9780128008478

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Our principal concern in this book is to understand three important ideas: learning, technology and innovation, and to examine these ideas and the relationships between them in situ; that is, we examine a number of cases of learning technologies in action in two countries, England and Brazil. The purpose of our study is to provide an explanation of the means to, and constraints on, improvements to educational policies and practices, with particular reference to innovation. We have a plethora of theoretical models that in attempting to deal with causal relations usually come to the conclusion that there are socio-economic-cultural constraints, but these observations largely remain at an abstract level and/or come to very general conclusions that are not of particular help to practitioners in the field. These issues can only be properly addressed after examining the empirical reality and having a spectrum of cases to analyze. By combining the theoretical and the practical, our aim is to explain how and under what conditions new modes of learning can be put into practice successfully and sustainably, in order for the learner to develop innovatory skills and dispositions for work and in the life course.


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